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Shaykh Imran Ally (Toronto, Canada)


After completing his studies and earning his degree in Arabic language and various Islamic Sciences in Tripoli, Libya, Shaykh Imran returned to teach and counsel in his native country, Guyana. A few years, after he migrated to Canada where he married and settled in Brampton and has since called home with his wife and three kids. 

Since 2000 he has served as the Imam of the TARIC Islamic Centre. In addition to delivering weekly sermons, he is actively engaged in teaching and counseling at TARIC. In addition to being the Imam, he also serves as the Muslim Chaplin of the Peel Regional Police, and serves on several inter-faith, and Muslim consultative committees in the Greater Toronto Area.

Shaykh Imran has been leading Hajj and Umra groups for over a decade. His love for people, passion for spiritual growth, and his generous and giving personality, has brought us together to continue to serve pilgrims visiting Makkah and Madinah.

Shaykh Youssef Berrada (Ottawa, Canada)


Shaykh Youssef is one of Ottawa’s well-known speakers and khateebs. He began seeking knowledge at an early age and his passion for knowledge led to the City of the Prophet Mohammed ﷺ before returning to Ottawa. 

Shaykh Youssef spent 2 and a half years in the Islamic University of Medina in the early 1990’s, and has continued in the study of Maliki Fiqh and Suluk thereafter. In Medina, he has studied under Sheikh Ahmed Ibn Rashed Al Ruhaily who is now a Mufti in our Beloved Prophet's Mosque, May Allah’s peace and blessings be upon him. Sheikh Ahmed is also the top student of the renowned scholar of Usul, Sheikh Mohamed Mokhtar AlShingity. Shaykh Youssef has also studied Maliki Fiqh for many years under Dr. Ibrahim Ighliw who is a well-known personality in Ottawa, these are some of the teachers he has been blessed to meet through his quest for knowledge. 

Over the past 5 years, Shaykh Youssef has been a student of the renowned Moroccan scholar Sheikh Abdullah El-Haddad from Fez, Morocco who has been his spiritual teacher, May Allah preserve him.

Mawlana Abdul Wahid Mamun


Born and raised in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada, Shaykh Molana Abdul Wahid Mamun is the son of Shaykh Molana Ayub Mamun – one the pioneers of the local Islamic community in the Greater Toronto Area. After completing High School  in Mississauga, he traveled to the United Kingdom to pursue the study of the sacred Islamic sciences. In the UK, Shaykh Abdul Wahid completed the memorization (Hifdh) of the Qur’an at the renowned seminary: Darul Uloom Bury. He then enrolled in the Alimiyyah  program at the same seminary, studying under senior scholars. His studies in this program culminated in a degree and formal authorization in the Islamic sciences, including ijazahs in the major books of Hadith.

His teachers include disciples of Shaykh al-Hadith Molana Zakariyya al-Kandalhwi (may Allah have mercy on him) such as Shaykh al-Hadith Molana Yusuf Motala and Shaykh Molana Hashim Patel. Additionally, he possesses ijazah  in Hadith from Shaykh al-Hadith Molana Abd al-Salam of Bangladesh – a senior student of ‘Allamah Yusuf Binnori (may Allah have mercy on him). He also spent considerable time in the company of his late shaykh and spiritual guide: Shaykh Molana Ismail Wadi (may  Allah have mercy on him) – a student of Shaykh Ghulam Habib, Allamah Shabbir Ahmad al-‘Uthmani, Shaykh Ahmad Ali al-Lahori and other great luminaries.

Shaykh Molana Abdul Wahid has taught at the Qur’an Academy in Mississauga, Ontario and served as a teacher and lecturer for six years at the Lote Tree Foundation. He currently  serves as the Directory & Imam of the Ar-Rashaad Centre where he focuses on Islamic education, spirituality and daw’ah. Additionally, he is also a member of the Canadian Council of Muslim Theologians. He presently resides in Brampton, Ontario (Canada) with  his wife and children.